Don’t let them confuse you!

[p]1. Internet is not free. And efficient communication is not either.[/p]
[p]A tool or registering yourself in a social network does not possibly cost you any money, but to update them, maintain them and analyse the information requires a lot of time and skilled professionals.[/p]
[p]2. The world will be within your reach and you will multiply sales in all corners (or not!)
[p]You will be able to have a better idea and at less cost of who could be interested in your products. But reaching them is another matter. The fact that they see you does not mean you interest them. That they are interested does not mean to say they will buy or pass onto taking action. That they interact, play or laugh with you is not equivalent to buying you, even if they are fans or supporters.[/p]

[p]If you want their commitment we must win it! But they are not waiting for us. We must go out to find them at the most appropriate time and place. They are not all within reach of a social network or in a community. We will help you to assess this. Not everybody makes a fortune in the Clouds. Many have stayed up there.[/p]

[p]3. Where should you start?
[p]We will help you both in the development and in the strategy. From the beginning through to the end. We build it up with your team step by step. We add instead of dividing the focal points of attention. And we work for you. We do not just limit ourselves to watching how your team does it, or how you do it yourself.[/p]

[p]4. Don’t risk disappointing your clients.

[p]Today you have the possibility of connecting with them with an investment equivalent to the time dedicated to them.

On the Internet, as in life itself, influence is determined by the quality of the contacts, not necessarily by their number.[/p]

[p]5. Don’t let them fool you!
[p]Neither shouting nor repeating is of any use today. New messages have to be invented. The sending out of non-personalized e-mails is not efficient. In the social networks, saying the same in five different channels is not efficient, adapting the message to each channel and each support used by a person for connecting guarantees the success of the communication and the broadcasting of your messages.[/p]