Tools for today


  • Who is a follower of yours in Facebook? Facebook Insights reveal to us what interests your potential clients and where you can obtain the best results. We confirm why there is interest there for your company and your brand or product.
  • Who do our target public respect? We study this in Twitter with Tweepsearch and TwitterGrader, in the blogs with Boardreader and on the websites thanks to Alexa and Google.
  • What do surfers find of interest in us? Google Trends reveals that information and where your fans are located geographically.
  • From the beginning you can be in possession of precise data by means of our analysis from Google Analytics. Is what I am offering visible or not? Does our public find us attractive? Is anyone interested in what I have to say? Who?
  • We do not limit ourselves; we can reveal what your target public feels by means of Sysomos, an on-line follow-up of what they say about you, which permits taking advantage of the positive side and minimizes the risk of the negative. We are all interested in how we are seen!
  • We have access to Radian6 and Socialmention, which offer a vision of what is said about your brand or products in the Social Media. At this present time, Radian6 is more comprehensive and allows a more exhaustive communication analysis.
  • If what we want to know is a valuation of opinion in the means of communication, is more useful as it measures reputations in blogs.
  • KgbPeople and Spezify allow us to measure how you are being see on the Internet and how you are perceived by those who are talking about you.