Who belongs to Orbyce Comunicación…

[p]Our team, headed by Sílvia Rubió Alegre, its founding partner, is composed of journalists and dynamic, well-prepared professionals, with solid experience in the elaboration and execution of communication projects and trained in protocol and events organization.[/p]

[p]Since 1994 we have been helping in communication and supporting our clients in their communication. What is communication for us? Facilitating the efficient transmission of information. From whoever hires us (persons, companies, brands, products, services, institutions, communities…) to their clients, consumers and public, achieving a positive reaction; influencing them; listening to their response, actively and adapting ourselves to their enterprises.

Reaching our publics, not just broadcasting, that is communicating efficiently today.[/p]

[p]We do so using all the tools and channels in existence, both traditional and digital.

From the beginning, we back the generating of highly relevant information and new contents:[/p]

  • We contribute value
  • We are distinctive and clear
  • We are truthful and honest
  • We align ourselves with the interests of the public targeted by our clients.

[p]With the objective of:[/p]

  • Being close-by: to generate images and sentiments
  • Keep alive the dialogue with our clients’ target public.
  • Establish commitment: develop links.

[p]We work with:[/p]

  • Journalists and the media.
  • Opinion leaders in the spheres of the business, culture, society (socialites, celebrities), health, sports…
  • Opinion generators in Internet (bloggers, twitterers…).


[p]We also have a network of alliances which allow us to optimize resources and dispose of important competitive advantages.[/p]


We form part of TAAN- Transworld Advertising Agency Network, as an integral part of The Associates Group.



We belong to the National Association of Communication Agencies in Spain, ANAC.



We are members of the College of Advertising and Public Relations Agencies of Catalonia.